Nerdy Nothings – January Edition

This year I think I’m going to treat my blog more like Facebook. Or how I think I would treat Facebook…if I used it. I’m thinking smaller posts, more frequency, weird crap that no one wants to hear about- that kind of stuff.  So, in that spirit I’m excited to post this “Nerdy Nothing.” Brought to you by Apple and eBay.CAPTION

Some of you may remember that I procured an Apple Powerbook 520C back in 2011. That was a blast- no regrets. But the dream was always to own a 540C. And one day a brand-new-never-opened-mint-in-the-box 540C popped up on eBay. Insanity ensued. And when the dust cleared I stood atop the corpses of my defeated bidding foes, victorious, sealed box in hand. And what did I do? I opened it of course. I’m eccentric like that. So without further ado here is a video of me opening what may be the last sealed Apple 540C on earth.

I haven’t had the heart to unwrap the computer or turn it on. I doubt I ever will. Look at me- preserving a little part of history that future generations will never appreciate.