2022 Movies, Shows & Books

I have dedicated this page to movies, series and books that I have watched, read or listened to in 2022 (these have to be fairly current to make the list). Newest content is at the top. Here’s the only deal for this year: Half of what I watch need to be watched while I’m on a treadmill (I am a giant treadmill cheater). Go!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special

Enola Homes 1& 2 – TBD

The Adam Project: Time travel is always tough and I definitely don’t claim to have understood its workings in this movie. There are still some great moments here and I would definitely recommend the movie.  

Fall: Very similar in some ways to 47 meters down (same writing or director?). Captivating with a minimal set. In some way it reminds me of watching someone play a video game. 

The Samaritan: Interesting twist. In some ways it’s a little slow (perhaps in keeping with Stallone’s age) but it’s fun to watch. 

Nope:I liked it! There’s a random pointlessness about the movie, but it’s fun. 

Blacklight: I think I’ve said it before, but sometimes watching Liam Neeson run is more painful for the audience than it is for him. I’d like to believe the you-know-what agency is more functional than it’s portrayed here… Anyway! Very formulaic and nonsensical. 

Reminiscence:It’s fine. I like Hugh Jackman a lot and so maybe I’m inclined to give the movie leeway it doesn’t necessarily deserve. The story unfolds like a lost memory mystery and I thought it was enjoyable. 

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: Nicholas Cage is an eminently watchable actor. I thought this movie was fun. Parts are silly (and that’s the point) but even the silliness has undeniable gravitas.

Hocus Pocus 2: I never saw the first one, but this was fun!

Upgrade: It really is like watching a skinnier Thomas Hardy. I liked the “twist” but felt like they had to make things unbelievable to make it happen. Solid action.

Bullet Train: Here is a solid movie. Cinematically refreshing. Great cast and characters, enjoyable plot- a high speed thrill.

Ambulance (Amazon): Uhhhh… this didn’t really work for me. But some solid ambulance driving, if that’s your thing.

Prey (Hulu): Sure. Why not. I admit that I miss Arnold, but the new movie is still very watchable.

Death on the Nile (Hulu): Fun, but I felt like you could spot the murder(s) from a mile away.

Moonfall (Amazon): I liked this movie! I’m all about the underdog ex-astronaut saving the world with a goofy sidekick. Also, I’m certain the moon is a hollow fortress made by our ancestors 👍🏼

Uncharted: I have a hard time with movies that make almost no sense. This is like Indiana Jones meets Goonies but with Bozo the clown in charge of all the missions. The game must have been better.

The Lost City: Surprisingly funny and enjoyable.

Lightyear (Disney+): It was fun to watch but I didn’t quite follow the other Buzz / time travel plot twist.

The Expanse, Season 1: I’m definitely a little behind on this series, but what a start. I really like when there are multiple independent plotlines that will eventually cascade together. Great intrigue thus far.

The Orville, Season 3: What a train wreck. They took away all the humor and left mediocre politically pandering sci-fi in its place. The episodes are genuinely hard to finish at this point and I’m only sticking with it because I was a fan of the first two seasons.

The Boys, Seasons 1-3: Wow. Gruesome, disgusting and an absolute treat in term of visuals and story telling (not perfect, but great). The introduction of a non-permanent  super hero serum is a little off the rails, but I’m willing to roll with it just to see who dies next.

The Batman: Definitely better than I expected it to be. Robert seems a little young for the role (maybe too scrawny) but I think overall everything worked.

Everything Everywhere All At Once: Trippy! I liked it.

Jurassic World: Dominion (Theater): That was a pretty wild ride. I appreciate the effort the writers made to merge the two worlds together. The last half of the movie was formulaically intense. It worked for me.

Top Gun: Maverick (Theater): This is an example of a good movie. Lots of awesome action, solid casting and the feel good ending that the world desperately needed.

Infinite (Amazon Prime): This movie way beyond stupid. Literally nothing made sense to me. Keep that egg safe!

Wrath of Man (Amazon Prime)

Dune (Amazon Prime)

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Amazon Prime)

Turning Red (Disney+)

The Eternals (Disney+): That’s a fairly massive chunk of history the movie tries to bite off. It sort of works. Certainly fun to watch.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Disney+): Really liked it. Awkwafina always seems to add to but then take away from some of the mood (not a knock- she’s either really great or, conversely, over the top). Love the story, settings and action.