2020 Movies

I have dedicated this page to movies that I have watched in 2020 (these have to be fairly current movies from this year or late last year to make the list). Newest movies are at the top. My goal this year is 50 movies, 1/2 in theaters! Let’s do it! 

Movie Count: 9

Charlie’s Angels: This is from last year, but I decided to count it. I love strong women as much as the next guy but this movie was a little ridiculous.

Spies in Disguise

The Hunt: Rich liberals hunting poor conservatives. But it’s all parody so that makes it okay. An allegory of people creating the very thing they fear. There is a lot of that in real life, but nothing this ridiculously viscous. Despite social distancing practices we still went to see this movie in the theater. It may our last one for awhile.

The Invisible Man: I didn’t see this one. I’ll be here all week. Pretty solid thriller overall with a surreal ending.

JoJo Rabbit: Extraordinary well done. The gravity of the movie is kept in check until just the right moment. Heart wrenching, hopeful and hilarious.

The Gentlemen: Outstanding. A solid “who’s ahead of who” right up until the end. This is the genre of movie that makes men aspire to become respectable gangsters. Bravo.

Gemini Man… Ummm. CG is still not good enough to create a character by de-aging an older actor. Fundamentally I think the idea is interesting (and there are some cool action scenes) but the overall story and execution is a bit of a mess.

6 Underground [Netflix]: I felt like this wanted to be a bunch of different movies. Michael Bay delivers non-stop and nonsensical action all the way through this very generic spy, action, romantic adventure.

1917: The cinematography on this movie it epic (non stop, real time follows for almost the entire movie). Somber but epic on so many levels.