Knife Addiction – Marketing Level VI

I have to hand it to the boys and girls at Blade HQ- this is a good solid marketing campaign. They have identified something that affects everyone: addiction. They have removed a bit of negativity surrounding “addiction” and their message is “There’s no cure so enjoy it!.” This allows the victim the simple, guiltless, pleasure of indulgence. In BladeHQ’s world there are no consequences. I’m okay with that. Audience connection engaged.

The video is well executed in terms of writing, casting / acting and videography. It’s clear Blade HQ puts a lot of effort into their marketing strategies and I really hope this pays off for them- they deserve it!

Observer: Cam, you’re writing about your company is a way that strikes me as sort of… odd.
Cam: Oh am I? My company, you say? Nope. I’m just a guy who loves knives giving credit where credit is due. I had zero to to with this campaign and it impresses me. Very excited to see how it plays out.