2012 What I’m Into at the Moment

Feb 2013: This was a fun idea, but it turns out even I don’t care what I’m “into at the moment.” Consider this page retired.

Breaking Bad. Epic, horrible, surreal and incredibly addictive. I’ve had more people than I can remember suggest this series to me. Don’t watch it before bed.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I’ve been on this crazy ice cream kick for weeks now. I started with Häagen-Dazs. It’s got less calories per pint than Ben & Jerry’s. It’s really a gate way ice cream. One day I noticed that the B&J pints say “Still 16 oz.” Well, what does that mean? If you weigh the pints (HD vs B&J) there’s a five ounce difference (so no wonder B&J has more calories). Plus it tastes way better then HD (no offense to HD- it it still an exceptional ice cream). I just love cramming pints of this stuff into myself. Never gets old.

Master Chef, battle for the best home cook in America. What could be more fun? Maybe eating something delicious while you watch it? Yes. Gordon, Graham and Joe are an intimidating and qualified trio who judge, deride and praise in a way that’s both shocking and entertaining. I’m sad this season is almost over. My money is on Becky (Update: Lost my money). 

Love this group. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music and BlackMill just works it for me. It’s soothing and enlightened. Check them out if you need something different. Other Electronic bands worth a listen are Gemini, The Glitch Mob and Lindsey Stirling (not quite electronic, but she’s a Utah local!).