Shift Knob & Garage

I like to get little accessories for my car. Maybe it’s the same way that moms seem to enjoy dressing up their little girls. But guys can’t dress up their little boys- it would be weird (yes, I just compared my car to a child). Anyway, I got a new shift knob for my car. Red & black. I think I like it. Aesthetics aside, the real advantage is that it sits an inch lower than the old one. That makes the throw shorter and, in theory, could improve my shifting.

Also, here’s a quick peek at my garage at work. My wife kicked me out of our garage here at the house (spurred by the “falling exhaust” and “tulip bulb” incidents). When we moved the business to it’s new location I commandeered  a little corner of the warehouse for myself. It’s nice to have the space and it’s big enough that I can do projects (stereo install, oil changes, switch tires, wash/wax, etc).  Sometimes wish I could park the car at home; it can be  hard to get over to work to get the car. But hey, soon enough we’ll need the space at work for “work” and I’ll get to move back home. Hopefully that time frame coincides with whatever development needs to occur in my children’s brains to create some common sense.

Next up, my strange obsession with stickers and little emblems. For some reason ever since I was a kid I’ve compulsively put stickers on things. Maybe it’s some kind of territory marking ritual. Maybe I just like them. Can’t really say. I hope it’s nothing serious (did I mention I even want to put stickers on my wife?).

Posted November 07, 2010