Home, Moved & Settled In.

Anyone who has ever moved knows it can take forever to settle in. It’s easy enough to deposit your junk in a new location but finding the right spot for it and creating a good feeling in your new environment can be challenging. Ever since I moved my car back home I’ve been working on getting things in my new location organized. I think I’ve finally done it and consider myself settled.

I spent this past weekend sorting tools, separating cleaning supplies and car parts, adjusting shelves and shifting stuff around until it fit just right.  I was able to put my old set of tires on the storage rack above the back shelf (I don’t swap tires often so it works pretty well). The back shelf turned out really well and I’ve got the shelves organized by car fluids, cleaning supplies and jacks. My side shelf is organized by tools, books and car parts. I crammed in a Sony Stereo & a fan too.  I even hung my old license plates on the wall (yeah, for real). 

I’m really happy with the results. In fact our whole garage is pretty organized these days. Maybe it seems silly, but it brings me a great deal of satisfaction that we can actually fit three cars into our three car garage. I’m often shocked when I drive by houses and see the second or  third car garage crammed with junk (or worse stuff spilling out from every garage). If you have that much stuff get rid of some or get a storage unit. I’ve always felt the garage is just another room in the house and should be kept neat & clean.

Anyway, now I’m home, moved and settled in. Feels good! Now we just have to finish settling into our house…

Posted by Cam, September 10, 2011

4 thoughts on “Home, Moved & Settled In.

  1. Hi Nice car. Good job on the garage. I collect license plates and am on a search for a state issued Corvette ridden vanity plate from each of the 50 states. Any year vanity plate with any reading/saying. Utah needed.
    Appreciate if you woud inquire with outher Corvetters if they may have one available. Have about 25, which I acquired ratherly quickley, but the next 25 have beome a challenge. Many mails have been posted. Hoefully good comes with time.

    Vanity Bob [Brawley
    731 Oak St
    Johnstown, Pa 15902 “Friendly City”

  2. I don’t have any extra vanity plates, but I’ll make your comment public. If anyone else has a plate hopefully they’ll get in contact w/ you. Good luck!

  3. Ok. Thanks. Still need a Utah. Sorry if I did not reply before.
    Project came to a screeching halt.

  4. Bob, are you just looking for a license plate that came off a Corvette? I actually have one I found while I was cleaning. If you want it let me know.

    WAIT, wait- sorry, I went back and found your original post. It’s not a vanity plate. My apologies. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

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