Hoosiers Daddy!

On September 30th I’m going up to Rocky Mountain Raceway for the last of the midnight drags. If the stars align I’m going to run an 11 second quarter mile (11.9 seconds or less). I’ve got everything I need and I’m 99% sure I can do it…

My biggest problem has been traction. Specifically that I don’t have any. Last year I picked sway bars over slicks… but this year I went with the slicks. I got set of Hoosier R6 drag radials and put them on my stock rims (which I was clever enough to keep).

The Hoosiers are a huge improvement! They are really sticky and grab way better than my Michelin PS2 street tires. I still spin pretty bad in 1st gear but when they hook there’s no spinning in any other gears. I got the Hoosiers from my local Discount Tire- they are super friendly guys and have great service (they matched an online price for me).

For the front I picked up a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports. These are pretty light tires at about 25 lbs each. Every little bit helps…

The more rotating mass you can get rid of the better you’ll do. I chopped about 16lbs off the clutch/flywheel, another 12 pounds each for the rear wheels (stock rims w/ Hoosiers) and then 7 pounds each on the front wheels (stock rims w/ Michelins). 54 lbs of rotating mass. Gone.

And now I have some traction. Come on stars… align.

Posted by Cam, September 25, 2011

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  1. Yep, 1/4. I have no idea what my 60′ time is off the top of my head. Last time I raced was Sept 2010 and I’m sure it was pretty bad (so… much… spinning). I’ll post my time slip(s) after this run though.

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