Dyno Might

When you have extra power it’s fun to know just how much you have. You can guess, but until you put your car on a dyno all you have are hopes and dreams built on educated speculation. As of now I’ve had my car on two dynos and the results were pretty close.

Right after having the car tuned (and having methanol added) Marc put my car on Joe’s DynoJet. The first few runs they did without Methanol and the car kept slipping. But they finally got a good run with the methanol and it put down 693 WHP & 660 lbs of torque (although at that point it the car’s temperature was elevated- typically later runs have reduced power).

Earlier today I went to Adam’s work to use his DynaPack (the car bolts right onto the dyno, as opposed to sitting on a roller- the different types of dynos are pretty cool). The first run was the best (since the car was still cool) and the car put down 682 WHP & 708 lbs of torque. Supposedly the readings on a DynaPack are more accurate, but as I mentioned both of these runs were really pretty close.

These runs were both done around the same time of year and both on pump gas (91 octane). There are a few differences between the setup when the car was on the DynoJet and this more recent DynaPack run but I think they are pretty negligible (a few tune tweaks, different clutch, etc). Overall, not too shabby (close to 800hp at the crank and a butt load of torque). It’s actually about what I’d get out of Lingenfelter’s $50,000 upgrade kit (although I’m sure my set up is far less bullet proof).

I can’t help but lust after 1000 WHP though. I think I might actually take the plunge this year. The warranty is up on my 2007 so I feel like I should either trade it or modify the hell out of it (or into it). Not sure what I’ll do yet. But for now I suppose I’ll have to be happy with my 680 beautiful rear wheel horses.

Posted by Cam, January 2, 2012