The King and Queen

Yes, right now I have two cars. It’s not a crime. Sure, maybe it’s a little decadent. But both cars are actually very different. The other night it occurred to me that the Camaro and Corvette were like a King and Queen from a chess set. Both part of the same game, important, similar but with stark differences.

The Corvette is simply known now as Nemeis (goddess of divine retribution). With her sleek curves and light build the Corvette is clearly a woman. Like her chess counterpart she is smaller than the King, much more powerful and very aggressive.

The Camaro will be known as Chronos (the god of time). Chiseled, heavy and imposing the Camaro is obviously a man. Like his chess alter-ego he is larger than the Queen, slower than she is, yet in his own way a more powerful presence.

I feel like these two cars compliment each other very well. I wish they could have babies. A boy and a girl: Corvaro and Camette. Yeah.