Other Blogs Have I Which Are Not of This Fold.

Just a quick little update for the family and fans (ah ha ha! Haaaaah ah….). In the past few weeks I have updated most of my other blogs:

CamOnCommerce.com – Just a couple of miscellaneous posts.

UtahCorvette.com – Still messing with my car. A couple of fun posts too.

UtahCamaro.com – Starting to mess with the new car.

ZoobaBean.com  – Sometimes I post silly things I’ve written. This blog has had a couple of updates in the last few weeks.

HughesFamily.com – Last year I picked up this domain and put up a blog. I’m in the process of deciding if I want to maintain it. Thoughts?

KnifeBlog.com – This is my company’s main blog and it has cool stuff on it (I don’t do the blogging personally, but I think a blog this good deserves a plug).

Posted by Cam, May 29, 2012


2 thoughts on “Other Blogs Have I Which Are Not of This Fold.

  1. Are you going to work on your Camaro with the hot french exchange student like the guy in Better off Dead?

  2. I need to watch that movie again. Sadly there are no hot women (French or otherwise) who are interested in helping me with my car.

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