Premier Parking Spot Corvette Joyride

Premier Parking Spot is supposed to watch your car while you take a cruise. In this case they were taking a cruise in the car while ABC watched. Reminiscent of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” it turns out owner Jay Nieves was taking his customer and his customer’s cars for a ride. If this weren’t bad enough the victim of Jay’s latest joyride was a red Corvette. Check out ABC’s undercover investigation!

Sometimes I wonder if this has happened to my cars. On occasion I have gotten a car back with damage or with what, in my opinion, is an excessive amount of mileage (“We have to test drive them, you know.”). This is one of the reasons I try do all my own work and I never leave the car with anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary. You just never know what people are doing with your car when you’re not there. And then amount of disregard some people have for the property of others is mind blowing.

3 thoughts on “Premier Parking Spot Corvette Joyride

  1. what a douche!!! wonder how many cars hes messed up since his business started. how has this guy not been caught before???!!!

  2. How did they get all this video of the guy? At one point it seems like he’s looking right into the camera. This kind of stuff IS awful. but I’m sue it’s the exception NOT the rule.

  3. That’s insane! I can’t believe people do that. Makes me scared to ever leave my car anywhere.

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