LME 427 LSX Engine

Now I’m getting really excited. Last Friday we took delivery of the finished engine. For the curious you can see the engine specs here. All the specs are the same as before except that I upgraded the intake values to titanium. The compression ended up being 9.8:1. I just have to say that this engine is like a work of art.

I peeled the plastic off for a peek, but we won’t unwrap it all the way until we’re ready to put it in. For reference here’s the dyno graph. Max HP is about 590 and Max Torque is about 540 (which doesn’t seem to bad for a low compression engine).

Here’s a video of the engine dyno. Fun!

Posted by Cam, August 1, 2012

1 thought on “LME 427 LSX Engine

  1. That is one sexy engine! Numbers look good to. Looks like LME was a good call (I thought you would be happy with them). When are you going to do the install?

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