Shocking. Solution? Shocks.

I was zipping through the Alpine Loop and the back of my car dropped too quickly as I was coming around a corner (I might have been going a wee bit too fast). I heard a scrape and I knew what I’d done. The turbo piping on the bottom of the car is one of the lowest protruding parts and this is the second time I’ve knocked the silicons hoses off. As you can see the damage this time was fairly substantial. Not to worry- plenty of slack (I bet this will happen again…). Maybe my car simply sits too low to the ground.

Pretty soon here I’m going to add another 120+ pounds to the front (LSX block) and that won’t help. I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade the shocks. To be fair, the Z06 shocks have been great- good ride and response. But with the extra weight and power I’m planning on I need something that will get that power to the ground. And something adjustable. So, I picked up a set of PFADT’s Feather Light Single Adjustable Coilover shocks. It’s possible that with these coilovers it may free up some room to reroute the turbo pipes. Probably not with my luck…

The nice thing about these shocks (well, one of the nice things) is that it should be pretty easy to adjust the height on the car. So, I think I’ll bump it up a half inch or so.