Hughes Family: September 2014

Yet another month has gone by. This one all too quickly. There were some good times, some bad times, some rip my hair out and then set the Earth on fire times. This post is going to be short and sweet (maybe just short).


My lovely little girl celebrated her birthday with a trip to Texas Road House. Spoiled much? Yes.


September highlights include putting up a tent in our microscopic backyard (Fran slept in the tent with Mike so he could pass off a scouting requirement). In an attempt to become tougher I ate a Jalapeno pepper. It turned into the worst stomach ache I can remember having (I also fed slices to my kids- some cried). Chloe ate her first Sushi roll- she seems partial to the California. The rest of September is a horrid blur. 

Our home is still not quite ready. It looks like we’ll be moving sometime in the next couple of weeks but the house still needs some work. I used to joke that I was building a fixer-upper, but it looks like the joke is on me. More to come… probably.

2 thoughts on “Hughes Family: September 2014

  1. Claire is the perfect half and half of you and Francoise! What a sweetie. Chloe has got to be from some Viking bloodline in your past….Michael carries on the exotic islander part of Fran and Gabe is irrepressibly happy-go-lucky. I love you all!!

  2. I haven’t been keeping up on my blog posts / replies- apologies. Thank you for the comment! I hope one day my kids read this blog too.

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