Marble Run Fun

The other day Gabe made me an awesome little cardboard house (below, left). He told me it was for marbles and proceeded to roll one inside. I asked him if we could build an even bigger marble run around the house and he eagerly agreed.


We created the runs using regular 8 x 11 sheets of paper. It’s pretty simple. Just cut the  paper into fourths (long ways). Fold a section in half (you can use tape to keep the edges together) and then fold the edges up on both sides (make sure your run is wide enough to accommodate your marble).


Decide where you need turns and cut out triangles in your run. When the cut out sections are folded and taped together they will create the angles (adjust as needed by cutting out more or less triangles). Add runs as desired and tape your new run under your old runs. You can use the same sections of paper to create structural supports. Always make sure your marble runs angle down enough to maintain momentum.

Here’s what we ended up with:

Not too bad! Maybe one day we’ll build something a little more aggressive.

2 thoughts on “Marble Run Fun

  1. Pretty impressive. Maybe you missed your true calling as a marble-run engineer. It’s never too late to change occupations. 🙂

  2. I looked into it. You pretty need much an engineering undergrad degree and they recommended a PhD. Seven years of working with Legos is a prerequisite. There’s that and the pay is lousy- fish crackers, tears and paper scraps. You never know though…

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