Don’t Run Your AC In the Winter

4/30/2017 – This post is part of a large release of “DRAFT” entries. Many of these these entries were never finished (and may still not be) or were composed but never published for one reason or another. If you run across one of of these in a strange spot or out of chronological order that may be one reason.

I didn’t know this was a thing but it most definitely is. When you start your AC compressor in the cold it can cause serious damage. First thing’s first… what kind of idiot would run his AC in the winter?

Background: I’ve got an under-the-garage gym in my basement. No windows (which ironically would solve all of the problems associated with this issue as you will see). I only use this gym at night. I create a lot of body heat and the room often rises into the 80’s (from the 60’s) after only an hour or so without cooling.  I believe this makes me one of like 3 people in the USA who lives in a cold state who needs to cool a room late at night during winter. :/ Here again, a window would solve this in a heart beat. But alas.

Anyway, I am the proud owner of a Wiser Air thermostat (very cool- check it out if you’re looking for a smart wireless thermostat solution). It always worked great until one day the AC would no longer turn on. I worked with their customer service (excellent, BTW) on the issue with no luck. They graciously sent me a new thermostat and it worked just fine until I linked it to my phone. Then, inexplicably, it would no longer turn on the AC. However, that was the key to figuring out the problem.

The Wiser Air knows it’s not a good idea to turn on your AC when it’s below a certain temperature outside. And as soon as you link the thermostat to your phone app it knows what the temperature outside is! And voila- it won’t turn your AC compressor on. A Wiser Air tech pointed this out. That was how I learned you should never turn on your air conditioning in the winter. That leaves me with a bit of a pickle though- I still need to find some way to cool that room. No solution yet.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Run Your AC In the Winter

  1. Thank you!!! I was having a problem with my Air c not running in the winter too.
    Same problem was that the thermostat has the outside temp and the Air c wasn’t working.
    Nothing inthe instruction manual either???

  2. Ah haaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Thank you. Been trying to figure this out myself. Similar situation.
    But the question remains- what do you do when you legit need to run AC in the winter.

  3. I still don’t know. I’m desperate enough I might drill a hole to the outside.

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