Sideshow Statues: Transformers & Star Wars

For my fortieth birthday I got myself statues from Sideshow (what else would a forty year old want?). Being an adult is awesome.

First up is this Boba Fett:

Next are three 80’s style robots (Optimus Prime, another Optimus Prime and Voltron):

It’s true that you can’t really play with statues. But you can’t play with toys you leave in the box either. At least I get to take these out of the boxes and display them! All of these are limited edition productions and are available from at the time of this posting.

2 thoughts on “Sideshow Statues: Transformers & Star Wars

  1. The piece that fell out that you don’t know what it is… that’s a “shin tool”. It goes in one of the pockets on his shins (or at least should).

    Also, you should water-treat the cape (also called futzing). Soak it in cold water, then hang it on the figure, get it hanging the way you want it, and let it dry. The water will weigh it down while it dries, and will give it the appearance of having weight.

  2. Someone mentioned that on my Youtube video and I had forgotten to put it in. But I slipped it back in the pocket just now and discovered he has some other fun tools in the shin pockets as well (I’m embarrassed I didn’t know). I will try out the water trick- seems like it would work well since the material is canvas.

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