Blade HQ Building Progress, Move & Grand Opening

We’re in! It took a bit longer than anticipated, cost a lot more than expected and turned out even nicer than I’d hoped. I love watching things like this come together! Here is a glimpse at some of the progress.

Framing started back in January of 2018.

We built a larger shell than we actually needed which gave us the option to have some rental units. This helps us generate a few extra bucks and  simplifies the “we need more space” problem that we hope to have in the future ( although I really like the layout of the units and have considered keeping one for another business I have)..

“Insulate it all!” I screamed. The city required us to drywall the warehouse ceilings. Is it wrong to admit that I was secretly pleased? It’s a fantastic looking warehouse.

The drywall and painting getting done. This time we installed some real lightning in the warehouse (there’s a persistent rumor that in our last place people sometimes wore head lamps?). Putting in the upstairs ceiling.

Moving Day! Here’s a time lapse I took of the new warehouse set up. The BHQ crew killed it.


I really like how the building came together. They even let me have an office. There’s still some move-in work to do and  few things to tweak but I’m pretty pleased.

At the end of August we celebrated the move with a grand opening party:

The turnout was really good (over 700 people showed up!). We had manufacturers and makers attending, free food, games, contests and a legitimate grand opening hosted by Pleasant Grove officials. My buddy Vaughn (and the first in store customer ever) got to cut the ribbon! The family came out for a bit, threw a few axes, spun our prize wheel and then called it a day. I was so stoked to get a “STAFF” shirt that I stayed almost the entire time.

So here’s some business advice you didn’t ask for (I’m pretty sure I’ve given it before). If you have a business (or will have a business) with substantial space requirements then take the time to do some important math. Does it make financial sense to own your own building? Check out this excellent article for more advice on Buying vs. Leasing.

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  1. Too bad I’m in Ohio. I would have loved to be there and check out the new place and talk to everyone. You should open a store in Toledo ;-D

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