I Took the iPod Leap


I bought an iPod mini back when they first came out in 2004. I left it unopened and eventually returned it to the store after about a month. I think I was the only person to return one… ever. But I recently picked up one of the new iPod Nanos. I even opened the package this time.

I got the 8 gig version which will be plenty for me. So far I’ve got 22 songs (this is meant to be sarcastic- obviously it’s not something to brag about).  The new Nanos can store and play video, but I doubt I will take advantage of that. What’s more appealing to me is that the new generation of iPods can be used as external storage devices- this will come in handy for transferring files from work to home and vice vera.  The screen on the Nano is impressive- it’s super bright and very crisp. The navigation is also excellent. It’s been a long time since I’ve used anything Apple related, but I’ve got to hand it to them: they know how to make a good looking product in all respects.

I was pretty sure that the included headphones wouldn’t be up to snuff so I also purchased a pair of Bose on ear headphones (never shop at company retail stores!). I can honestly say these are the best sounding earphones I’ve ever used. In addition to being incredibly comfortable they are crystal clear while still proving very rich base. The Nano has no trouble powering them and battery life is still excellent.

Also of note is the iTunes software. Once again, I think Apple has done a great job. The interface is very clean and, for the most part, intuitive.

So there it is… my iPod adventure has begun. I may load another album onto the Nano tonight. The excitement never stops over here!

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  1. I certainly hope you have more than 21 songs on your IPOD nano now. I have had a nano for a couple years. Yes, it is a first generation nano not one of these new contraptions. But I absolutely love it and it is my constant companion at work. I can jam at my desk. I would recommend getting a lanyard. They are awesome!

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