Happy New Year: 2023! Let’s Rock It!

Every January 1st feels like a new beginning, to some degree. Take a moment, sit down and write out what you expect from yourself and from 2023. Make it a good year.  

Here are a few suggestions (potential resolutions?) from a guy who has been around the block):

🔹If you are struggling with depression then reach out to family, a trusted friend, or make an appointment with a healthcare professional. No matter how hard it seems or how bad it feels, take that first step- you are worth saving. You can also call the suicidal and crisis lifeline at 988.

🔹Saying “no” can be a challenge for many. If you let people, some will take until you have nothing left- some by mistake, some intentionally and some maliciously. If you can’t do it (if you don’t *want* to do it) then say “no.”

🔹Learn to be happy with what you have (says the guy with cars… I get it). Comparison is a thief of happiness. What someone else has does not impact what you have, and should not affect your personal happiness. Take a moment and mindfully think of the good things you have… you might be surprised. (FYI, there is nothing wrong with “more” as long as the motivations are pure).

🔹Find opportunities to serve. If you have a problem I guarantee it will disappear as you help others. Opportunities to serve aren’t limited to people with a flat tire.

🔹Be kind when people seem unkind. Instead of assuming negative motivations ask yourself this: “Why would a good, reasonable person act this way?” Attributing good motivations to behavior you don’t understand will make it easier to achieve a good outcome.

Stockpile Adventures, December 2022 – Nesting

Installing a Nest Thermostat to control our Warehouse’s gas heater was trickier than I had anticipated. But eventually (and with the help of the Internet) I figured it out.

Originally I thought I’d wired in the c-wire correctly, but I was advised via email that the thermostat had a problem at some point that night. The Nest runs on batteries so it will work even if you’re an installation ignoramus. But on batteries your time is limited. The Nest menu has a wire detection system / screen so you can see what is going on- all the wires need to be blue and my c-wire was not. I found a tutorial online (after an excruciatingly long search) and was able to hook everything up correctly as shown in the top right. All is well now and the Nest has been working great for a few weeks.

Here’s a quick video showing how to use a Nest thermostat with your heat-only system:

The “Helpful” Trap

This is a great read. At first the idea might seem terrible, but if you apply it to a mostly business-related perspective I think it works well.

Why I Stopped Helping People and You Should Too

Also, as much as I hate to say it, I think there are enough people out who are happy to take advantage of others’ time such that this article is warranted. I usually try and go out of my way to help friends, but I have cut back on what I’m willing to do for others. I think it has been beneficial for my own mental health.

MACarbon Seat Belt Buckle Repair

These MACarbon seat belt buckles have been a bit of a headache for me. I had to modify the covers for the two rear buckles before they would fit. A recurring warning light forced me to replace the front passenger side buckle altogether. And then the new buckle promptly “broke” apart (the two parts of the housing separated and it’s much worse where the belt is attached and there’s tension). I’m not sure if I’d buy / install these parts again.

Regardless, I’m a guy that looks for solutions. The first thing I tried was epoxy. I glued the halves back together but they came apart again shortly after transporting a  passenger. I considered a number of different options before settling on some 3M adhesive- the same stuff you might cover the exterior of your car with. I cut out a couple of sections and did some test fitting.

Originally I had just intended the fitting to be temporary but the 3M seemed to be exceptionally strong and the installation went fairly well (you can see the lines in the pictures but in real life it’s very hard to see where the film is at all).

One of the back seat belt buckles also had a case that was coming apart so I applied the 3M there as well. I suppose my next step will be to see how well the film works over the coming months (I’m worried about its ability to stick and the potential of stretching). In the meantime this appears to be a quick and elegant solution for anyone with a similar problem (and not just limited to seatbelts folks– you can wrap this clear 3M film around pretty much anything).

LLoyd Floor Mats for any Occasion

One of my car / truck “upgrades” is usually a set of floor mats. It’s become like a tradition. I really like the mats from Lloyd. Good fit, nice quality, no problems- ever.
The floor mats included with the Z06 were undersized, low-pile and kind of sad. I ordered a set of branded front mats from yatesperformance (eBay) and had them within a week.


What a difference! The fit and color match on these mats is great (they are “Jet Black”). I decided to order the cargo mat as well as I’m hoping it will diminish the road noise from the back a little (just a little). I used the “best offer” feature on eBay and saved about $20 off the seller’s regular price on each purchase  If you’re looking for floor mats Lloyd Mats makes some of the best.

Update 2/6/2015: I put int he rear cargo mat. It’s not compatible with the front cargo shade. Slits would have to be cut into the mat which I will do at some point. It does help a little with the cabin noise, but it’s not a significant reduction.