Park City Corvette Caravan


A scenic drive to Park City, fine dining at Park City’s premier Italian restaurant, and the companionship of eight other Corvettes screaming along beside you the whole way. Who could ask for more? What about the company of your beautiful wife? That’s right… the perfect evening. Almost.

On Saturday a group of us met up in Pleasant Grove and drove to Park City for Dinner.  It was a blast to cruise along with eight other Corvettes and I think it was the first time my wife got a glimpse of my other social circle.

We ate at Ghidottis. It’s expanse is formidable, its food delicious and its service somewhat lacking. The menu was over-sized (I wish I had a picture- I’m not kidding, it was huge) and difficult to decipher. I ended up getting plain old Fettucini Alfredo. It was probably the best tasting pasta I can recall eating but for the $21.00 price tag the portion was undersized (“just right” my wife pointed out).  At the end of dinner the waitress refused to put the meals on separate checks. She forced us to try and calculate how much we individually owed and offered to run our cards for that amount.  After numerous unsuccessful attempts and nearly 45 minutes after finishing our meal we were able to leave the restaurant. Geez.

The picture above is where we met up. The guy in the picture is Shayne, who coordinated the dinner effort (thanks Shayne). I’m the third car from the left (black). It gets harder and harder to find time to do something fun so I’m glad we were able to take a break and and go for a cruise.  

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