Work, Unwork and Rework


The new store has been an emotional journey in some ways. I spent a good part of the last night pulling out the shelves from the old storefront… the same shelves I spend over 3 months working on. I keep telling myself that they served their purpose and it’s time to move on. I still find the whole ordeal of undoing what took so long to initially do very depressing. Kudos to Steve for a good design though- it’s impressive to see the amount of work that went into the initial design and build as I disassemble things. Hopefully I’ll get the removal done in the next couple of days. We’ll use the room as a receiving area for our shipments and a photo studio and posting area for our pictures.


I take some comfort in the fact that the new store is coming along pretty well. Most of the wall shelving is finished and the BladeHQ stock is almost all moved over with plenty of room to spare. At least our space crunch has been alleviated. Now, if only there was a way to stop time.  We still need to finish all the counters (you can see a cute little mock-up in the picture on the right), but we’re still undecided about how to proceed. We removed $7,000 worth of glass from the old store and we’d like to find some way to use it.


And the silver lining of the expansion was that I finally got an office (it’s in the back of the new store).  It’s just right for me and Fran- I put in two corner desks, a shelf, a filing cabinet and a huge fake tree I found at Costco (the fake plants stay the urge to blow up my store).  Very cozy. Sadly Fran is only putting in about 6 hours a week right now so I don’t see as much of hr as I’d like. But I do get the office mostly to myself!

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