Another Thought

Though American consumers face economic uncertainty and precarious income and spending environments we must persevere and remain optimistic. As fear builds the natural tendency is to panic, remove money from stock markets, cease spending and shore up our resources against the dangers of a plunging Dow. The solution is not accomplished through evacuation and retreat. We must exercise our duty as American consumers and buy knives both to stimulate the economy and to ensure that if the moment arrives when we must defend our families, property and land, we will be ready.

Cam Hughes

2 thoughts on “Another Thought

  1. I’ve decided that the stock market is like a teenage girl, fueled by ridiculous and unpredictable emotions.
    Everyone complains about how bad the stock market is doing. But instead of doing the thing that will make it improve, buying stock, they do the very thing that will plunge it further still, selling stock. Come on people!
    It’s like when traffic gets bogged down because of an accident, due to rubbernecking. We all complain about the jam but then, when we get close to the accident, we slow down to stare anyway. Humans are defective! What’s wrong with us!
    Personally, I think it’s a great time to buy stock. Jas and I just bought some Apple stock for super cheap. We are super excited. So buy, buy, buy people!

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