Today’s Thought:

Some men are born great while other men scrape their way up an impossible incline and, against all odds, grab hold of the edge of greatness and hang on with superhuman resolve. Defying human limitation a few of these men forge a foot hold and haul themselves up, over and onto the edge where they lay, exhausted, spent, having used their unrelenting focus to achieve the unattainable. And once in a great while a man will rise, turn to the edge and stand resolute. A victor in a nearly hopeless battle, a man who has achieved excellence and who has forged greatness in the fire of effort and who wears that greatness justly and with honor. That moment- the moment when his back is turned- is the moment when those of us born great must push the man from the edge.

           Cam Hughes

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  1. Did you edit my head- it totally looks like I have hair!!!
    Also, you need to remember that you got to the top first. Thanks for not pushing me.

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