Love is in the Air


Each February Lehi City puts together a program called the “Celebration of Marriage: Legacy of Love” It’s held at Thanksgiving Point and we’ve been going for a few years. It’s proven to be a fun date activity and I always leave having learned something important. We try invite a different group of friends each year- people we can see are really struggling with their marriages (I’m kidding! I’m just kidding…).  This year we went with the Browns, Sabins, and Jobes.

The first presenter was Dr. Liz Hale. She discussed “Going the Distance: Happy vs. Unhappy Couples.” Her premise: The answers might surprise you. The next presenter was Ron McMillan. He covered his bestselling book Crucial Conversations. Both were excellent, but truthfully I felt like I got more out of Ron’s presentation. Something about how he describes anger developing from the gaps between our expectations and reality really resonates with me. I also enjoyed his perspective on how we can have crucial conversation (conversations with high stakes & strong emotions) in a safe controlled way.  Ron was also a speaker at last year’s seminar.

If you ever feel inclined, Lehi’s Celebration of Marriage is open to anyone and everyone and I’d recommend it without hesitation. In addition to the speakers you also get dinner & dessert (hold your horses! Tt’s not free…you gotta pay).  I’m sure not everyone walks away with something great, but I know that Fran and I do.