Inc 500, 1584!

Each year INC. Magazine creates a list of the fastest growing private companies in the US. In the past they listed the 500 fastest growing, but recently expanded the list to include the fastest growing 5000. The rank is based on the rate of revenue increase for a company over a period of three years (not total revenue, not profit, just growth).

 We made it last year and I’m pleased to report we made it again this year (number 1584). We dropped a little from last year (1234), but I still think that 180% growth during a major recession is pretty good. We’re on track to rank quite a bit higher next year as well. We’re not huge by any means, but it’s great to think that we made a company from scratch, we provide jobs, stimulate the economy and our community, make a living, and even have a few fans here and there. Owning a company can be incredibly stressful, but it’s very rewarding as well.

One thought on “Inc 500, 1584!

  1. Cam, this is incredible with all you have achieved – not without the fantastic partner you have chosen as well as the choice help.

    Stay healthy!

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