Cold Wheels

Well, it’s winter again. I park the car and get depressed. It hasn’t snowed too much, but this time of year the ground is peppered with gravel and debris. The cold doesn’t help either (it affects traction). There are little breaks in the weather here and there and I take my car out, but a once a month drive just doesn’t do it. A Vette is kind of a silly thing to own sometimes.

Ideally winter would be a good time to get some projects done. Sadly, I’m in the retail industry and there isn’t much free time during the winter. All I really have to do at the moment though is replace my wideband sensor (they go bad occasionally). Right now it defaults into error status after a few minutes of driving. I might just unplug it since I don’t really need it now since the car it tuned. But I wish it was working…  Yeah, my wideband will be my winter project.

And that’s a wrap for the year. I’ll see you guys in the spring!

Posted by Cam Hughes,  December 10th, 2010