A Rat Named Pepper

A few weeks ago Michael got his first pet. He picked out a cute little white and grey rat and we named her Pepper. At first she was understandably nervous, but after a few days she started getting comfortable around us and within a week her personality was manifesting itself. She liked to nibble nuts & lick fingers, sit on shoulders, hide under covers and she was a very picky eater (she loved sunflower seeds).

I say “was” because a few days ago she was accidentally killed by a piece of furniture. I won’t go into details, but it was very sad. The irony of the tears we shed for our pet rat didn’t go unnoticed. We exterminate these types of “pests” all the time. But a few weeks with a rat like Pepper can change your perspective. She was a sweet addition to our family and she will be greatly missed. RIP Pepper.

Posted Feb 20, 2011 by Cam Hughes

2 thoughts on “A Rat Named Pepper

  1. Hello, first time poster, sorta a reader… 😀 First off, my condolences.. RIP Pepper. Death of furry pets is one reason I’m tentative about allowing them in our home. I hope everyone is feeling better.

    I know this would be a Tom thing to point out but did you really mean to write the below as such….

  2. It was sad, but I think we have all recovered. We have a new Rat now named Sesame. Hopefully the kids don’t open Sesame. And were you asking about the date? I fixed that- just a typo. I’m still living in 2010.

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