Home Again

The move is complete! Last time I wrote I had the car moved, but there was still a lot of work to do. Now I’ve got all my stuff from work (cleaning supplies, car jacks, tools, boxes, etc) moved to my garage. I confess that I was really concerned about space, but everything fits pretty well. I even have enough room to jack up the car to change wheels,  perform maintenance (i.e. oil changes) and even do washing & detailing.

One secret to cramming everything into my garage was the extra space from new shelves. Specifically the black Whalen shelves offered by Costco (about $60 each). Even though they aren’t necessarily designed for it, you can stack them three sections high pretty easily (check out my above pic, right side).  We have a 10′ ceiling in the garage and so that gives me a ton of storage space (space that would otherwise just go unused). That’s right- adding things can make more room.

I also ran power off a plug in the ceiling (the plug for the garage door opener). I used a splitter and ran two extension cords across the ceiling to two corners of the garage for my battery charger, shop vac, air compressor and anything else I might need it for. It was a really cheap/easy way to get power where I needed it.

So that’s it- the move is oficially done (the area at work where my car was is already filleed with shelves!) So far having my car at home has been really nice. I can make quick little trips without having to make a detour over to work to switch cars. Also, it’s nice to have all my car stuff in one place (specifically cleaning supplies). And I think the more limited space will keep my junk level in check and keep me from doing too many uncessary projects too. Now I just have to get things organized and finish settling in…

Posted by Cam, July 3, 2011

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