“Real” Internet.

Know what I hate? Lots of stuff. But do you know what I really hate? Slow Internet. The WWW is a fast place now and bandwidth speed is critical for maximum enjoyment. For the last five or so years we’ve used Qwest DSL. Initially it was fine, but with a download speed off 1.5mbps time has not been kind. Wepages take “forever” to load,  HD video is difficult, and if two people want to watch something (i.e. Hulu & Netflix) forget about it!

Luckily Comcast broadband is finally available in our neighborhood. We switched over this past Monday (Internet & phone) and it’s cheaper than Qwest & much faster. Check out these stats:

“Now is the time, now is the time, now is the best time of your life.” It’s like I’m on my own “Carousel of Progress.”

If you want to run your own test I recommend www.speedtest.net. What kind of Internet speeds do you guys out in Cyberspace have these days?

Also of note, the service from Comcast was great. They came quickly, were professional & friendly, and helped us relocate the modem & router to the basement. After the initial install they came back to bury our cable line and make the connection to our home more discreet.  It looks fantastic (I have no idea how they ran the cable under our driveway).  So, bravo to Comcast.

Posted by Cam, August 20, 2011