Something Random

This was recently forwarded to me. Some of it it pretty funny (and I confess that I don’t know if they all work quite right), so I thought I’d post it here.

Lately I’ve seen these “What other people think I do” collages popping up all over. Someone should make a business out of it, right? I don’t know what the fad-span will be, but I think they’d make good posters.

Also, in case anyone wonders where I’ve been… I realized one day that I didn’t really like blogging about business since that’s what I was do all day. In other words, after work, I don’t want to write about work!  I’ve written a few posts (half ecstatic and half lamenting the unprecedented growth of my company and the associated struggles with said growth). Eventually I may make some visible. Anyway- for the time being I’m focusing on my personal & hobby blogs.

Posted by Cam Hughes, Feb 20, 2012