Eggs and Jesus. Easter 2012.

Easter rocks. No, Easter eggs. Some holidays I really love and Easter is somewhere near the top for me. Maybe it’s the rascally rabbit that lays multicolored eggs. Maybe it’s the Hershey milk chocolate eggs that you can only buy this time of year (which is good, because I eat so many I get sick). Or maybe it’s the mad dash to find hidden eggs and the delighted screams of my children. It probably also has something to do with the resurrection of Christ (yeah for resurrection!).

This year we used food coloring instead of a egg dying kit (those pellets suck). Water, 5-10 drops of food coloring, a tablespoon of vinegar and we were in business. I think the eggs turned out really nice this year- super bright and very consistent. Egg dying is one of those things that your kids “help” with and it makes it about one hundred times harder. But nothing makes those little munchkins smile like checking to see if the egg is actually changing color. And then when the eggs are done it’s critical to mix all the colors together to “see what happens” (Maybe it will make gold! Oh… no, no gold).

One the dying festivities were complete we headed off to church for some Easter goodness. We should think about our savior each day, but that’s really hard (especially for me). Easter is a great reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. It’s a chance for us to focus on the real meaning of Easter and  feast on something that we won’t regret (like those dang eggs).  I believe in Christ, his sacrifice and in God’s plan for us and I publicly accept Christ as my savior. Oh, hey- sorry! Did I make you uncomfortable or offend you? You non-religious reading types who despise this kind of stuff can go to hell (that is funny on so many levels!).

After the spiritual nourishment we headed home for the hunt. I wish I could say that there was some profound meaning behind hiding eggs that related to the real meaning of Easter but I’m at a total loss. Still it’s a blast. We hid the colored eggs and about a million chocolate eggs too. Intoxicated by the hunt, the kids scrambled all over often missing what was right in front of them. Laughter, tears and a few fights later I was certain we had done Easter just about right.

Cam Hughes

3 thoughts on “Eggs and Jesus. Easter 2012.

  1. It’s funny that you seem to think a lot of non-religious people will go to hell because I happen to believe that a lot of “religious” ones will.

  2. Nope. You misread what I wrote (or decided to take it personally). I think lots of “non-religious” people will go to “heaven” and I think lots of “religious” people will go to “hell.”

  3. And just to clarify (’cause you’ll want to come back for round two- I know you!): What I wrote was “You non-religious reading types who despise this kind of stuff can go to hell” (emphasis added). In other words, if you’re non-religious and you despise this kind of stuff (Christian mutterings and such) then I invite you to go to hell (i.e. get lost but with the humorous implication that that they may in fact end up in hell). If you’re non-religious but you can respect my beliefs then we’re cool (and that goes both ways, of course). There’s really nothing religiously judgemental about my post at all.

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