I’m terrified of doing certain things in public: Speaking, teaching and even asking a question or making a comment. Being in a play would cause my body so much shock that I could probably power a small city. Not for me. No thank you. Luckily, my little girl didn’t inherit my paralyzing fear. Last month Claire took part in a theatrical production of Rupunzel which the family went to see.

The production was based on the Disney version of Rapunzel with a few twists. The ending is quite different – Rapunzel’s mother sees the error of her ways and they all live happily ever after. But more importantly, with a cast of close to one hundred they had to make some additional script changes so that all the character parts (with the exception of Rapunzel, Mother Gothel and Flynn) were expanded out. I’m not certain, but I think everyone got a speaking line.  In addition to the scripted story there was a fair amount of singing and choroeography. While fun, at over two hours the play was a little on the long side.

Claire had two parts.  She was cast as one of the green chameleons (I thought she was especially adorable) and also as a green fairy. Even though her roles was small she delivered her lines enthusiastically and flawlessly. She was also a very cute dancer. I’m glad Claire is braver than me (she gets it from her mom, obviously)- I think she’ll enjoy looking back at this experience when she gets older. Watch out Broadway!

Posted by Cam , May 20, 2012