5 thoughts on “AMS-1000 Boost Controller

  1. AMS makes the best boost controller hands down. I run this on my Mustang GT (21 pound of boost) and you can dial in settings perfects. Rock solid choice. Good luck!

  2. Iam looking to buy a 77 corvette. Would like to modify the exhaust for more performance. Will removing the catalytic converter in the process cause the vehicle to not pass the Utah emissions test? Have corvettes in Utah been able to pass the emissions without a catalytic converter?

  3. I have the 500. Would love to have gotten the 1000, but still love mine. How much boost will you run?

  4. Depends on where you go. Not having cats may not cause your car to fail the sniffer test, but you will not pass the visual inspection unless you go somewhere “special.” If your car is over 30 years old I believe you qualify for a vintage tag. The vintage status of your car would allow you to bypass the hassle of emissions (although I think safety is still required).

  5. Not sure yet. I don’t think my current turbos will push in more than 14 or 15 lbs so we’ll have to start there. But eventually I’ll probably run around 20 lbs.

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