July 16th – July 22nd

After having a great time on Mauritius Fran and the kids flew back to Reunion Island.

For the next few days Fran, the kids stayed at her parent’s beach house (along with most of the family).

They played on the beach, enjoyed each other’s company, visited the city and…

…frequented this amazing bakery (within walking distance of the beach house).

Cam went to see a midnight showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. He thought it was exceptional. 9/10.

After a few days in Reunion is was time to start the trip home. The first leg of the journey was from Reunion to Paris, France.

Cam went for a drive through the Alpine Loop. He didn’t realize how steep some parts of the road were (although he might have been going way too fast) and his car bottomed out ripping his boost hoses. Good thing he likes to fix stuff.

On Saturday night Cam went to Jason’s birthday party at Noah’s. Jason & Rachel provided sushi and other treats for the party goers. Does anyone throw better parties? No.

The kids and Fran arrived safely in Paris and are enjoying a brief layover.

Tomorrow they head back to Utah. Do you think they’ll miss Reunion Mauritius and France? It looks pretty nice over there!