Porsche Perfection

In the end I just wasn’t able to let go of the 911-  it was just too enjoyable. Despite some fine work on our end one final problem persisted – the car continued to report that the air going into the engine exceeded the air being measured by the mass airflow sensors (long term fuel trims would rise along with a P1095 code, as reported by an OBDII scanner). It was only present periodically and didn’t cause any driveabillty issues but I’m a perfectionist. There was nothing more we could do on our end and so it was time to send the car back to Evolution Motorsports.


EVOMS found a couple of air leaks, but the car’s issue persisted. The current theory is that one (or more) of the injectors has an issue and the correct amount of fuel is not getting injected into the engine (which would produce a lean condition, as reported).

To make sure there was nothing else amiss EVOMS removed my engine for further inspection. More air leak testing, new plugs and new injectors (maybe I should have had them build the engine while it was out…). Nah, my only regret is my recent oil change 😉


I have hypothesized that the car’s DME (computer) might be faulty. Some of the things I’ve seen are hard to explain any other way. I’ll be curious to see how this turns out and what they find! The ground on my end is covered with snow at this point so at least there’s no driving downtime.

After I see where we’re at on the 911 and I have recovered a bit from the holidays I’d like to get my car ducks in a row. Maybe ship off the Vette to a high end performance shop and have them do a few more upgrades (I’m like an addict…).