Utopius : Coming Spring 2018

A New Health & Wellness Company Launching in Spring of 2018!

Total disclosure is important to us. We are currently looking for exceptional products and people. So far… we have neither. 

“We totally might not be an MLM” 

4 thoughts on “Utopius : Coming Spring 2018

  1. No worries! I fixed it. I’m not even sure why I mentioned “MLM” since that component won’t launch when we do. If we even decide to go that way. Isn’t MLM just another word for “affiliate” anyway 😀

  2. So what is this exactly? Are you accepting investments? I feel like I always miss out. ~L

  3. Shoot me an email, Lane (but give me a few weeks to reply). Website should be up by the end of the year and that will explain more.

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