Almost Done with the Freaking Store!

 After four months of steady work we’ve got the shelves, counters, lightning and tweaking done for most of the store. It’s quite an upgrade from our first storefront (you can a more detailed version of our remodeling progression and new storefront over on BladeHQ). There’s plenty of room for customers now and with the counters lining the store our inventory doesn’t get ransacked.

Speaking of counters- I know it may be hard to tell from the pictures, but our counter fronts and tops are glass to glass. This is a big deal for us, actually. When we went looking for displays one thing we noticed was that there was always a bar of some kind on the front blocking the view. With glass on glass the customer has complete visibility (these cabinets were custom made). We also lit the cabinets from the side so the view would not be blocked. The lightning was a big project, but Ikea came through for us).

 We still need to get the watch section of the store finished up (I mean real watches- check out our new online watch store), hang up our signs, LCD TVs, and get the entrance area polished a bit. We’re pretty excited about everything. Let the customers come!

4 thoughts on “Almost Done with the Freaking Store!

  1. Sup Gangstah?

    I don’t come to your store enough Cam. I hope you start to sell candles like I have been requesting for YEARS! Then you KNOW Ill be all up in that joint. It is a well known fact that knife lovers also love candles, especially ones that “stink pretty” if you will. I am writing this comment in an effort to avoid cramming for my Family medicine and OB/GYN finals. If you didn’t notice it is the insane rantings of ADD fueled boredom.

    OH, really quick funny and unrelated story,

    I saw ed’s link on your blogroll, and I decided to go take a gander. It was great. But he already had found my wife’s blog. Wow, nevermind… that wasn’t even interesting. I’m not very good at telling stories. I pretty much started with the climax and provided no background or set-up at all. It also was not funny.

    Oh in one last unrelated question: is Elder Allen still working with you?

    Well, get the candles that stink real nice, and I will be by.

  2. I’m so sorry. I am a terrible friend. But I don’t technically drive right by there everyday; I take the freeway. However, I promise to come see your new store sometime this week. Are you usually there around 6 or 7?

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