1 thought on “Powerlime… so close you can almost taste it!

  1. Sup Playah,

    How much caffeine is in your powerlime? How much sugar? Caffeine Plus Sugar (minus diabetes or pregnancy) equals POWER (for about up to 30 minutes). If I can take this stuff IV, I will take 5 barrels (or whatever unit you use to sell these…cubed nautical miles perhaps?) in any event, I will take 5. All I ask is that the flavoring be either 100% artificial or about 10% juice like most drinks. Will it have a worm in it like tequila? And to answer your question about the hint in the air… it’s not lime, I think it’s the smell of my putrid teen aged angst-musk…which.. now that I think of it…smells like lime. So yes.

    With emotion,

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