Egg-citing Stuff

Saturday we spent the morning coloring eggs for Easter. One of these days I’ll have to take time to research the origins of coloring eggs and how that might (read “might not”) relate to the Resurrection of Christ. No idea- but coloring eggs is fun. We used an Transformers coloring kit we bought last year after Easter (I think it was marked down to a buck). Funny thing- the red dye pellet didn’t make it; I guess its shelf life was less than one year. We made our own ready dye with food coloring and vinegar. The kids had a blast (well, not Gabe- he was napping).


That afternoon I commenced the wiring portion of my subwoofer / amplifier install. That’s going to be a big job. Mike was a huge help and we got the seat and some panelling out and and started running the ground wires and RCA cables. This coming week I’ll have to remove the center console and the actual receiver (from the instructions I’ve got it won’t be fun). But hey- that’s what life is all about: Doing things that aren’t fun with the hope that later something not fun that you did will result in fun.


And finally Easter. We hid chocolate eggs in the living room and the real eggs outside. Mike and Claire put the eggs in their baskets but Gabe just put everything in his mouth. Another holiday successfully celebrated!


3 thoughts on “Egg-citing Stuff

  1. You seem to have everything in the world going for you…except a camera stand.I liked that you’ve never been to your in-laws house. If we could only all be that lucky…

  2. Oh and one more thing… I’m sorry that I have to say this Cam… A “Fast and Furious” party sounds more Mormon than even a “Twilight” party. These kinds of things are why people hate our faith Cam. But I am glad to know that if I put neon lights on the bottom of our Civic, you’ll think we rock.(Wink) no but in all seriousness, you rock Cam. I’m going to have a “Cam” party. I still fester with jealousy over your success in life whilst I remain jobless for another month.

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