Say What?

Say What? The Story of Tim.

“I’m going to go out today” Tim’s Mom said. “Do you want to come with me?”
“Yes, I’d like to go with you” said Tim. “I have a feeling today will be a fun day.”

Timmy’s mom stopped at the Butcher’s store first. Tim looked over the counter and said, “Why do you need a knife that big?”
“It gives me an edge” said the Butcher
“Knives are dangerous.” Tim replied.
“You’ve got a good point.” The Butcher smiled.
“You could use your teeth.” Tim suggested.
“You’re a cut up, Tim!” laughed the butcher.

Next Tim’s mom went to a bakery. Tim looked over the counter and said,
“You’re really fast!”
“Well, I’m on a roll!” the baker said.
“Do you like to bake bread?” asked Tim.
“No, I just knead the dough!” laughed the baker.
“You shouldn’t tease Tim like that,” scolded Tim’s mom.
“Just trying to get a rise out of him,” the baker joked back.

Next Tim’s mom went to the bank. Tim looked over the counter and said to the teller, “You must have a lot of money because you work at the bank.”
“Oh, that’s rich,” scowled the teller. Tim didn’t say anything else.

Next Tim’s mom stopped by his Father’s car repair shop to visit.
“Hi dad!” said Tim. “How are you?”
“Feeling kind of tired,” Tim’s dad said.
“What’s wrong?” asked Tim
“I’m just a bit run down,” his dad said.
“You look exhausted!” Tim’s mom said.
“Yes, I think we all agree I’m out of gas,” Tim’s dad replied. “But I’ll be okay! I’m almost finished with work. I’ll see you at home!”

On the way home Tim saw an astronaut walking on the road and stopped to say hi.
“What’s it like to be an astronaut?” Tim said
“I’m kind of spaced out kid. I don’t know right now.” Replied the astronaut.
“I guess it’s hard work,” Suggested Tim.
‘There’s just too much pressure. I’m going to go home and get high.” Sulked the astronaut.

“This story has taken a peculiar turn!” said Tim’s mom
“You’re write!” replied Tim. He’d finally gotten the joke.

This story was written March 19th, 2006. No revisions were made. As I reread this I thought there was still a good bit of potential for more “episodes.”