Sesame, the Rat

Last month we decided to get another Rat. I went to Petsmart on a Wednesday and prescreened the rats (they put them out on Saturday). One of them came right over to take a closer look at my hand and I knew she was the one. We went back Saturday and picked her up. We named the new rat Sesame and she was a blast right from the start.

More than anything she reminds me of a small dog. She’s actually very affectionate and loves to play. Fran has gotten especially attached to her and brings her into our bed to play in the evenings. The other night I asked her, “A month ago if I told you we were going to let a rat run around in our bed would you have believed me?” No way. I’ve said it before, it’s amazing how you can get so attached to a tiny “pest.” We’ve been much more careful this time around and I think Sesame is destined for a long happy life (as far as rat lives go). As weird as it feels to say it, a rat makes an excellent pet.

Posted April 12, 2011 by Cam Hughes

3 thoughts on “Sesame, the Rat

  1. Hmmm…I guess if you find a piece of chocolate Pez in your bed then you can have a tasty midnight snack. Yeah, I wouldn’t let a rat run around in my bed; midnight snacks give me heartburn.

  2. That’s the point- I never thought there would be a rat running around in our bed. So far no rat “treats” in the bed.

  3. I can’t get mentally used to this. I keep thinking of rats being used to torture people – you know – a cage over your head with a rat in it. Also I can’t stop seeing rats being used in horror movies….or the fact that they helped to spread the plague….I am glad you have had these special moments with your rat but it would not be my choice for a pet anymore than a snake would…I guess the two don’t work very well together either! Love ya. 🙂

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