Health Reform Update

My journey has been filled with many peaks and valleys. Overall, making a lifestyle change has been incredibly challenging. I periodically cope with feelings of detestable donut desirings, incapacitating ice cream indulgences, and buffeting buffet buffoonery.  Last week I managed to injure my back and shoulder (I actually had Jillian Michaels appear in a dream and yell at me!). Bottom line, my efforts have been seriously derailed since my last update.

However, I am pleased to report that not all is lost. I actually met my weight loss goal on Apri l 10th: 249 pounds. I had hoped to be much further along, but I am happy with this small victory (especially considering that I don’t think I necessarily earned it). I think I’m fully healed up now, and so it’s time to put my shoulder back to the wheel. My new goal is 240 by May 9th. 29 days, 9 pounds (I’m secretly hoping I hit 239). Wish me luck!

Posted April 13th, 2011 by Cam Hughes