My Car Rocks (How to Get Rocks Out of Your Body Panels)

This is a post about rocks. Tiny rocks that get stuck between body panels near the rear tires. If you have a C6 Corvette chances are you know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if this is a design oversight or if I just live in a place with way too many tiny rocks (and I will state again for the record that Utah roads are awful!). Anyway, here’s a quick little guide to get rid of your rocks so people don’t make fun of you!

The area where I see the most rock buildup is near the rear tires. Rocks actually get shot up over the wheel well casing, into the side wheel panel and drop down, getting stuck between the two body panels. Luckily getting them out is pretty simple.

Grab your socket wrench and a 9/32 hex head bit.  Carefully loosen the screw shown (it’s the one opposite the rear wheel) and pull it out.

Gently pull out the body panel, separating it from the panel below. This creates a nice gap and you can use a toothpick, flat head screwdriver (anything, really) to carefully push out the rocks.

I usually have quite a few rocks (this is about two months of rock build up and I drive my car maybe100 miles a week). After you get everything cleaned out just push your panel back, put the screw in and voila! Good as new. Repeat on the other side.

Posted by Cam, July 1, 2011