Miscellaneous Stuffery.

1. I’ve been doing a fair amount of blogging lately but most of my recent posts are on www.utahcorvette.com. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my hobby these past few months and I’m sad that the nice weather is on its way out.  I need a good winter hobby… Maybe I’ll pull out my engine and rebuild it. Ha, I always think that.

2. Also, for work related stuff check out CamOnCommerce.com. I don’t update is as often as I used to because I discovered that some of our competitors read it. There’s nothing super confidential (even the password protected stuff is pretty benign), but I’ve decided I need to keep it that way. I’ll be doing a post in the next couple of weeks about our growth though. I’ve got some awesome news.

3. I have been updating DoomCloud.com each day, but some people probably miss it. Check out my “Daily Regimen” tab. I’m posting my diet & exercise for the next 60 days. Sometimes reading over what I eat makes me sad… But overall I think I’m making really good progress. If you’ve ever wanted to lose some weight or get in shape start now (like this instant). 

3. Speaking of DoomCloud.com. In the future if anyone builds any links to me please build them to CamHughes.com (and use the link text “Cam Hughes”). Much appreciated! Also, for all you adoring fans who have a hard time remembering my web address (and who refuse to use bookmarking technology) there is now another way to get to my amazing blog: CamsBlog.com. Because it was too hard before, right?

4. Overall, life is pretty good right now. Our 4th little bundle of joy is due in the next couple of weeks. The other three kids are all in school now and getting more and more exciting each day.  Kids grow up so fast. Cherish each moment with them! Be sure to visit Fran’s blog (FrancoiseHughes.com) for more family goings ons ings…

Posted by Cam, September 7, 2011