My Little Corvette Buddy

My youngest son recently came into a bit of money ($13).  While shopping at Costco with his mom he came across a display of different cars. My wife said that without any hesitation he picked out this blue Corvette and said that’s what he wanted to spend his money on. He played with the car non-stop for two days and even took it to bed with him (this is what the boys in our family do- when we like something we take it to bed).  He kept saying the cutest things like “We have Corvettes, right Dad?” and “Our Corvettes go fast!” I think this little guy is going to be my car buddy when he gets a bit older.

The car models from Costco are each $12 and for the price they are actually pretty awesome The Corvette my son bought has an incredibly detailed interior and engine bay. I’m almost tempted to get one myself! Anyway, just wanted to share this little moment of joy.

Posted by Cam, November 12, 2011