Utah Valley Marathon Anyone?

I decided to register  for the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday, June 9, 2012.  I’m hoping that having an actual event to train for (as opposed to an abstract goal) will be a more effective way to continue my fitness quest.

I decided to benchmark myself yesterday (November 7, 2011) to get an idea of where I’m starting from with regard to my training. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to run a half marathon on my treadmill without too much difficulty (I will confess that mile 13 was a little grueling). I put the treadmill  incline on “1” and ran the entire way at a little over 6mph with a finishing time of 2:10:02. Not an incredible time, but not bad for a 216 pound guy who has only casually jogged for the last six weeks (we had a baby- life got hard- there were donuts… I can’t talk about it).

My goal for the Utah Valley Marathon is to finish in under 4 hours (aim high, right?).  Anyone else up for this? It would be great to have some training partners!

Posted by Cam, Novemeber 8, 2011

2 thoughts on “Utah Valley Marathon Anyone?

  1. Maybe, maybe.
    I’m still not completely convinced that that much misery is worth it. But good for you. 🙂
    BTW Whatever happened to that zombie run post? I’ve been waiting for the zombie post showdown to begin but alas my post remains unchallenged.

  2. Honestly I think the training will be fun, although I concede that finding the time might be hard (realistically I won’t start training hard until next year).
    As for the Zombie post showdown- I would like to graciously withdraw and proclaim you the undisputed champion of the world. I still haven’t had time to edit the images from the Zombie run.

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