Cars That Make Me Go Ohhh!

I confess, I still look at cars. Well, anyone who reads this already knows that (remember the 1978 Corvette?). And why not? It’s fun, free and usually it makes me really appreciate what I’ve already got. But in March of this year I started to get serious about buying a new car (I do this about every 2-3 years).

In the course of shopping I ran into a few things I fantasized about pulling the trigger on… something like this:

I love the Lamborghini Gallardos. But deep down I’m an American muscle kind of guy and I think these Italian super cars are beautiful but overpriced (this one was a fairly good deal, but it was a 2005 model and, in my opinion, a power downgrade).

And then I decided to take the practical route- something with a back seat. Back in 2003 I had decided that one day I would own a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Seeing this gem rekindled the desire for a German 911 masterpiece. I think the red interior is stunning (although there may be a little too much red).

Again my preference for American vehicles (and my common sense) won out. Plus this model wasn’t an “S”. I was still obsessed by the idea of a backseat though. Sure I flirted with the Lambo and the Porsche but in the end I knew what I was actually going to get.

And that’s when I found this beauty:

A 2011 Chevrolet SS Camaro. All black with some yellow exterior and interior accents. Whipple supercharger (680 HP!), manual transmission, ground effects kit, like new condition. And best of all it had a backseat and it was half the price of the other two vehicles that I had considered (in other words, “realistic”). Ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of owning a Camaro (heck, my name is in there!). I was sold!

Unfortunately the car was sold too. Literally ten minutes before I made the decision to buy it someone else did. I think it was a killer deal and I’m super excited for the new owner (I actually sent multiple messages to the seller to contact me if the buyer backs out). If it was meant to be then it would have been (or will be). Here are some more pics:

I do think a Camaro is in my future (soon, even). I’ll have to keep an eye out for another amazing deal. And next time I will be like the cars I love- faster!

And for all you lucky Camaro owners our there: don’t get any ideas about being UtahCamaro ( goes right back here). Zing!

Cam Hughes, April 1, 2012

6 thoughts on “Cars That Make Me Go Ohhh!

  1. well I did pull the trigger on the Lambo. In fact the exact one you have pictured. yes it is mine now. I bought it from Jakes Motorcars in San Diego a few months back. In fact, I was undecided on two different colors so I bought both. A red one and this black one right here. The black one gets lots of ohhhhhs and ahhhhs and is a blast to drive. Girls love it. the red one also is an incredible car. yes I am an American muscle car fan but they are nothing like getting behind the wheel of some real Italian art on wheels. I love this car and i am also glad you liked it enough to have it here on your site. Yeah I am the lucky guy (and I know it) that has it right out in the garage as you read this. Black on Black on Black with Cassiopeia gloss black wheels, yellow calipers and yellow stitching. Just under 12,000 miles on it. It’s an awesome car. Run out and get one next time. You’ll be glad you did.

  2. No way! That’s awesome! I love the Lamborghinis- nothing sexier. This one especially. It seriously tempted me but I have a hard time getting past the horsepower to dollar ratio. And I hate the idea of this beautiful Gallardo getting thrashed by Utah gravel (our roads are some of the worst I’ve seen anywhere in the US). I’m really glad it found a good home.

    I’ve got a buddy with an orange Gallardo and he sent it off to Underground Racing (you can see it here). He had the 1100RWH upgrade done last year and then earlier this year sent it back to get the 1500RWH. If I had bought that car it would have gone to Underground Racing. Maybe it still will 😉

    Anyway, no Gallardos for me in the near future (one day though). But hey, if you decide it’s time to move on give me a holler. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. and thank you for the reply as well and I am getting ready to sell it now for about 106 or 108. I put less then 2000 miles (just turned 14K) on it and it is awesome. It is just time as i like to keep cars for about 6 months (or less) then move on. this car is smokin hot and it gets rave reviews and people going bonkers wherever it goes. Its pretty gangsta you might say. very business like and it is fast. It is funny when someone tries to shut it down on the freeway or play the I’m gonna hold you up game. If they give me a bit of wiggle room I just downshift to third and move through before they can even react. it is a rocket. gotta agree that you want to keep them of f of gravel roads etc. I keep these cars spotless and double covered in a garage and dont drive them in the rain. ever if I can help it. So thanks again and I am buying another this week then will sell both that i currently have. If you want a photo or two of either send an email to and I’ll send them over. aloha Gman

  4. send me some photos of the orange one with he upgrades and info on Underground Racing.

  5. I tend to hang on to my cars for a long time. I’m a sentimental guy. I’ll bet everyone and their dog want to race you- there’s something super tempting about the Lambos.
    Keep enjoying your cars- sounds like you have the passion & funds (often a dangerous and delightful combination).

  6. Ah, I feel terrible for taking over a month to reply to comments. Busy, busy. I don’t have any extra pics- just the ones on the Underground Racing website here.

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