June 25th – July 1st

Fran has been busy packing to get ready for her trip to Reunion. She’ll be gone about three weeks and Cam will have to hold the fort down on his own (he seems pretty excited). Still a fairly busy week though!

Fran and the kids went to a Symphony at the Scera Sheel Outdoor theater. Too soon for culture? The kids seemed to have a hard time paying attention… until they played some of the music from Star Wars!

After running a few miles at the Lehi Legacy Center (no picture) Cam & Fran went to Sushi House to replenish their depleted energy reserves. Cam was sick most of the week but said he could “almost taste the sushi.”

Chloe’s teeth started coming in this week! They are hard to see, but just below her tongue there are two bottom teeth just starting to poke through. Teething babies probably don’t make good travel buddies. Wish Fran luck!

Claire and her friend decided that they should get jobs. No doubt inspired by their fathers they decided to take the entrepreneurial route and open a lemonade stand. They did all the work themselves! Milestone # 17 complete.

Saturday was a busy day! Cam & Fran ran the Lehi Round Up 5K. This time Fran edged Cam out for the win (crushed him really- but to be fair Cam was still fairly sick).

A couple of hours later the family (minus Cam- he fell asleep after the run) went to the Lehi Round Up parade. The kids got to walk next to the Ward float in the parade and throw candy to the onlookers.

In the afternoon Cam went to the baptisms of Rachel and Wesley (two students in the church class he teaches). Fran and the kids went to Legacy Center for kid’s swimming lessons. When everyone got back Cam played with the kids and Fran worked on trip preparations.

Later that night Cam represented the Hughes Family solo at Rachel‘s birthday party (Fran and the kids went to bed early). Rachel & Jason invited thirty people to play “Laser Tag” with Frontline Tactical in Provo. They always throw awesome birthday bashes!

Tomorrow Fran and the kids will be off! Stay tuned next week for updates from the Island