$4 991 Steering Wheel Modification


I recently wrapped some white electrical tape around my car’s steering wheel. The 911s have an independent section of leather on their wheel and so the tape slips into the grooves and nearly looks like stock offering. Although I thought of this and tried it all on my own it appears from having later Googled the idea that others have attempted similar things.

Practically speaking, I think it’ s a great visual addition. The tape had held in place just fine. No stickiness or peeling issues. The electrical tape is vinyl and so it’s easy to clean. The best part was that it only set me back about $4. A highly recommended aesthetic modification.

2 thoughts on “$4 991 Steering Wheel Modification

  1. I did the same thing in my GTR. There’s no place for the tape but I still wanted it to help me orient the wheel. Eventually my tape got sticky and it left a nasty residue.

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